Who is the most vulnerable among us? No, I’m not talking about the escalating coronavirus finding our elderly and low immune folks….I’m referencing our children.

The children in our communities are targeted by traffickers every day! Did you know this? Did you know that in the Oregon City School district alone over 300 secondary students are homeless? Yes! A full-time PERS paid employee is in place at Oregon City High school simply to manage the homeless population… and that is just Oregon City!

In the United States, as many as 20,000 kids are forced into prostitution by way of child trafficking networks every year.
Why do human traffickers target kids facing homelessness? Because these young people present a low-risk business proposition and are relatively easy to lure from the streets with promises of love, protection, food, and financial security. Because of their vulnerability, children and teens with no place to call home and no one to care for them make easy prey for traffickers. 

Adults! Men & Women – children will be raped 1-3 times a day in your communities while you go to the movies grab take out and drive you kids to karate class…WAKE UP! Sacrifice yourselves for a child or support an organization that will!

..think about this, even the most hardened criminals we all know who’ve been caught incarcerated and live on death row will kill another inmate who has touched a child…& yet children are raped every day for over 1 billion in profits each year in America and most of society has turned their backs to these survivors. Be BOLD and give of your self, time, money, talent, land to build another house of hope that will service their healing minds and bodies for the best possible chance at a productive life!