“…by trafficking a child instead of drugs, you don’t even have to wash them off.”




After many years of volunteering at various levels for several community outreach groups, forums, platforms and organizations, one overwhelming commonality was present; Most of these groups had high levels of talk and low levels of action. This inevitably lead to indifference…causing stalls in accomplishment of their primary goal… often organizers forgot about the heart in it all, their cause, the very reasons they formed or begun was lost in; process, self recognition and/or smothered in greed.

NW Giving Hope Foundation (NWGH) was formed late 2015 to be an anonymous vehicle for change in the life of children after being sold for sex…a platform to shed light on an otherwise dark problem in our communities right now, & not later. Child trafficking was first explained to me like this:

“…imagine a drug dealer, the process they go through day to day for business. They smuggle their drugs…some grow’em…others might simply steal their product from another er dealer in order to keep up business….but, the difference …with trafficking a child instead of drugs, you don’t even have to wash wash them off.”

Download: Bio for speaking.pdf


NWGH Ministries

Presentation Overview

  • Child Trafficking vs Child Abduction
  • Taboo / Impact / Odds
  • Awareness
  • Global problem or localized
  • Blame Game
  • Solution(s)
  • NWGH-ES / NWGH Thrift Shop
  • NWGH House of Hope
  • Questions / Answers

Speaking Topics For Students:

  • Cultivating Healthy Relationships, Personal Leadership
  • Encouraging Attitudes that will change their generation 
  • Increased awareness of trafficking among their peers
  • Identifying power-based violence 
  • Adding advocacy and action steps for prevention
  • Setting personal boundaries, how to speak up, and ask for help 

Executive Director

Corey Dean Stark

“… a child can recover from sex trafficking, but not if they have to wait months for therapy…: