Nearly a year ago, now, following a drastic format change in our organization…from a 1 day a week community auction to a 5 day a week thrift shop we grew up!. Now never mind the # of people coming and people going as we rejoined, the community, January 9th a freshly remodeled auction house , began 2019 with a scheduled interview by, Stuart Tomlinson from KATU special segment; Hometown Hero’s.
As it turned out,
NWGH had been nominated and recognized for their efforts to organize a first of many ‘House of Hope’ residential behavioral homes for gender specific survivors of child trafficking. Once the KATU segment aired we had many visitors that had watched the episode on KATU come in and see the store located at 1702 Washington St in Oregon City.

That’s where I met Rhonda for the first time.
Rhonda came in one morning and asked to speak with me after making the rounds through our new shop & began that first encounter by explaining that she really was intrigued and encouraged to learn of our organizations support efforts for children having survived trafficking. As we casually spoke, in the thrift shop Rhonda shared that she had discovered, some time ago, that her son’s then girlfriend had a prostitution record. When “mom” confronted this discovery with her son she quickly came to realize that the charges were in fact directly related to a trafficking bust some years before. While Rhonda and her family had embraced this young woman and welcomed her into their family as a bride to their son she admitted it was hard, at first, to understand the complexity of trafficking and furthermore how in the world could that be prevalent in today’s cultures and communities?! It came to my turn In the conversation to explain the program we supported and I instantly reverted back to my private regional sales training background with planting a seed of a glorious outcome; “…wouldn’t it be amazing ..if even one of these kids were to thrive through the HoH program and someday solve cancer?” I took a breath, and I am so glad I did. Because what Rhonda said next changed my outlook forever! Listening intently to my presentation of the facts and my BIG analogy for a successful outcome, Rhonda said, “yeah but wouldn’t be amazing if she just became a great mom?.……….(silently, my eyes welled up with tears and I realized in that single moment that the simplicity of achieving that one core value in every child we encounter would absolutely change the future of all of us and not just those with cancer.

NWGH – Coreydean Stark.