About Us

NW Giving Hope…a ministry to help the most vulnerable among us – children. Children that have been sold for sexual acts daily again & again & again. If you have a hotel in your town you have a trafficking problem. The cold hard truth is that children are raped, for money, every single day in America, in the Pacific NW, in Oregon, in Portland and IN YOUR COMMUNITY.

Would you be surprised to learn that the average age of entry into the sex industry is 12-13?
Would you be surprised to learn that child trafficking and child abduction are not the same things?
Would you be surprised to learn that over 85% of the reported children trafficked in Oregon today received their start while in foster care programs?

Formed & founded upon Christian principles and a father’s desire to bring support to those children that do not have the voice or ability to stand for themselves. NWGH, a charitable organization focused on child trafficking survivors and giving the necessary foundation to survivors in our communities at large. Through our House of Hope program, we offer the fundamental tools necessary to give each child the very best chance of success through opportunities of healing…a true behavioral residential program.

The importance of a plan, the drive to implement it, combined with the action vision to see it through… are just a few of the keys that one day will unlock doors for these precious children that matter!

NWGH offers awareness training/talks/presentations, including but not limited to: business professionals, clubs/associations, conferences and students (ages 12-24), churches, service, and trucking industry, school assemblies, etc.

Our motivational speakers will inspire young entrepreneurs in our midst in areas of vision, direction, and energy with the often and much-needed encouragement to BECOME their best rather than just BE. Our team will share individual experiences that will captivate your audience and have them laughing with relevant experiences that have shaped the lives of many in a fast-paced style the audience will love!!

That no matter their situation, no matter the hurdles ahead of them, the sun will rise tomorrow and no one can take their birthday away –

“We are all born out of love until we allow fear to consume us….”

It’s interesting to me that if we weren’t challenged by fear, or status or any number of hurdles as both young people and adults, we would all be the same people today… What fun would that be???

Our goal is to inspire you – to get you thinking … and give you hope that with intentional thinking and confidence – to follow when an opportunity arises and to lead when the same opportunity doesn’t …. sometimes, being the example of failure to a young person… will be more effective and reassuring than embellishing stories of athletes, millionaires, and accolades.

I think with all that, this team with a common goal will become a catalyst radiating positive energy for young people that will be remembered by them and be just what they needed to experience.